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RootWrap and Phase Change Materials Technology

RootWrap is a well proven, cost-effective technology for managing heat.

BioPCM® is a non-toxic, sustainably sourced plant-based phase change material.


With millions of square feet of material installed worldwide, BioPCM® is a proven and reliable thermal management technology

A revolutionary approach to root zone temperature control with impressive results.

There is a significant body of research in several plant species showing that proper control of root zone temperature can enhance yields. Tomatoes are a good example.  

In 2017, we began exploring the use of our well-proven PCM technology (in the form of RootWrap) to help moderate the temperature swings experienced by plant roots.

In our 2018 trials, we partnered with several highly experienced, high-volume commercial  growers in Colorado. We installed RootWraps around the pots of between 80 and 130 plants in both indoor grow facilities and greenhouses. We carefully monitored ambient temperature, soil temperature, total plant weight, wet bud weight and dry bud weight, etc. We then compared the results of the plants with RootWrap to the control population with out the wraps.






















What we found surprised even our highly experienced commercial cultivation partners!!

During peak room temperature times, the soil (and roots) in the pots with RootWrap were up to 10°F cooler than those without.

In addition, during the August to Sept time frame, the plants with RootWraps experienced 10-times fewer high temperature shocks (temp above 81°F)  than did the plants without ENRG Wrap. They experienced fewer low temperature shocks as well. 

Even more surprising was the increased yield of dry, sellable flower. Across 11 different strains, we saw yield increases ranging from 8% to over 20%

Greenhouse Grow - ENRG Wrap and Control
INdoor Grow - location of soil temp prob


BioPCM encased in a rugged aluminum film

Location of Soil Temperature Probe

We have lots more detailed data that we would love to discuss with you.


To learn more or to arrange for a trial at your facility, please email us or use the link below!

Better root zone temperature control means less stress on the plant and

higher yields!


Indoor Grow - Trays & Pots with ENRG Wra
Soil Temp Comparison - Heartland - RootW
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