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Aspen Conservation Technologies

Harnessing the power of

phase change technology to:

Enhance plant growth,

Increase yields,

Reduce HVAC energy use.

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It takes less than a minute to wrap a RootWrap

around your nursery pot.

The phase change material inside the RootWrap goes to work immediately, absorbing and releasing heat to:

Moderate root zone temperatures,
Reduce plant stress,
Increase yields.


RootWrap: PCM encased in a rugged aluminum film


Demonstrated increase in

dry flower yields of

>9% across

11 different strains

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To learn more or to arrange for a trial at your facility, please email us at

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RootWrap is powered by BioPCM®, a proprietary phase change material developed and manufactured by Phase Change Energy Solutions and distributed by Aspen Conservation Technologies.

How PCMs Works:
Phase change materials (PCMs) are substances that absorb thermal energy when they melt and release thermal energy when they freeze. During a phase change (melting or freezing), molecules rearrange themselves and cause an entropy change that results in the absorption of “latent heat”, meaning the temperature of the material itself remains constant and does not affect the temperature of the system. 

The phase change material in RootWrap absorbs and releases enormous amount of heat during phase changes. At its target melt/ freeze temperature, the PCM in a one-inch thick RootWrap will store as much heat as a 24 inch thick block of concrete of equal footprint.

Experienced growers know that your plants do best when root temperature is maintained at about 74°F. When RootWraps are installed around the nursery pots, the PCM inside absorbs heat, (melts), when indoor grow or greenhouse temperature exceeds 74°F, and releases heat, (freezes), when ambient temperature falls below 74°F.
Through this recurring melt and freeze process, soil temperature within the nursery pots is stabilized. Both high and low temperature shocks to the root zone are dramatically reduced. The result is less stress for the plant and a significant increase in the amount of sellable flower produced.

BioPCM is manufactured using sustainably-grown, plant-based by-products, is non-toxic and has a demonstrated useful life of over 85 years.

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Our Efficient Headquarters

We strive to use the latest in energy savings and resource conservation techniques and technologies.


Helping Rivers

We love to get our hands dirty! 

Individually, we are members of the Haw River Assembly helping to preservation and clean up this great central North Carolina resource.

Supporting the Trails

We work to help the trails as well as Charter Members of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

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